About Stickman Boost

Do you love stickman games? Do you want to make some awesome jumps like a real warrior? Welcome to the world of adventures where you can enjoy exciting experiences! Find out the way to escape from a mysterious maze by reaching the destination. You have to face thousands of deadly traps and obstacles along the route. Can you use your skills to pass all given stages? Before entering the game, let's explore some useful things about Stickman Boost.

The mission in Stickman Boost game

In this game, your primary mission is to go to the finish line in the shortest time. You can get one of three medals (copper, silver, gold) when completing the level. The shorter time you finish the game, the more valuable medals you get. Try to beat each level as fast as possible to earn the gold medal. As mentioned, the way to the destination isn't easy. You must jump, slide, fly or even swim over all alien robots, spinning fan, the pool, buzzsaw, etc. The game requires you to quickly control the stickman and pass the levels. Don't forget to collect all the gold coins along the levels to unlock all the achievements!

The gameplay of Stickman Boost

The game offers classic gameplay where you jump, slide, fly, swim or dodge to overcome obstacles. Just pass over the obstacles, you can do anything you need. When facing a ceiling with spikes, slide down to dodge them. Be careful with unstable platforms! They will collapse as soon as you jump on them. Therefore, you must quickly switch to other platforms. Also, you will be attacked if you get close to alien creatures. Run as fast as you can or jump high to escape them. Moreover, swimming and flying are two essential skills. If you want to be a winner, you need to master all of the above skills. An interesting point of this game is that you are provided with some equipment such as kites, rockets, motorbikes, etc. They will be of great help to you to overcome the obstacles.

Moreover, if you don't want to get lost, follow the arrows to find your way to the finish line. Check out the many checkpoints along the route. If you get knocked down during the journey, you can restart from the last checkpoint you just checked.


The stages of this game

There are a total of 10 stages and 2 bonus stages for you to experience in Stickmanboost. The two bonus stages can be quite challenging for you because the obstacles will appear continuously and be harder. Stage 1, stage 2, stage 3,... How many stages can you conquer? Finish stage 1 to unlock stage 2, and so on. Each level has unique challenges and maps full of obstacles. Show your skills through the number of your completed stages!

More information about Stickman Boost

Besides gameplay, stages, and mission, there is some very interesting information. Do you want to know about saving the game date, setting or leaderboard? Now, we go to find the answer together. 

Online save and local save

There are two ways to save your game data in Stickman Boost. They are “online save” and “local save”. 

  • In online save, you have to log in to get boosted bonus, including getting awesome extra stages, saving your progress forever online, and receiving a cool ninja plume. In this save mode, you can store your playing progress and continue to play on other devices. 
  • Unlike login mode, in local save, your progress will be saved locally on your computer and if you change your device, your progress will be lost.


The setting 

Setting of Stickman Boost is very simple and easy to adjust. As soon as you select the save mode, you can see some settings on your main screen, including options, statistics, leaderboard, achievements, and more games. Besides, click on Options if you want to set sound, music, and video quality. You also can clear data, but you will lose all your progress forever. Therefore, be careful!

The leaderboard

Stickman Boost game provides a leaderboard to show top players. The leaderboard will allow you to follow your rank as well as the positions of other top players. Achievements you achieve as the game progresses will be saved on the leaderboard. Can you get your name on the top of the leaderboard and kick off all other players over the world? In Achievements, you can see the successes you get in the playing progress. On the Statistic element, you can check your played time, totally ran, deaths, stages, and the number of achievements. Besides that, you also follow your checkpoints, total jumps, and the number of coins, stars, and total rolls.

Features of Stickman Boost

  • Interesting and entertaining running stickman game
  • As a cute stickman, participant in superb adventures with many stages and maps
  • Collect coins and reward bonuses to take advantage of these items
  • Various deadly obstacles 
  • Humorous stickman characters and enjoyable gameplay
  • Superb graphics and effects


How many stages are there in Stickman Boost?

There are ten stages and 2 bonus stages.

Can I play this game for free? 

Yes, of course. You can play the game on our web for free. 

Can I play this game on the PC? 

The answer is yes. The game can be playable on many platforms (computer, phone, tablet).

Is Stickman Boost unblocked at the school?

Yes, you can have fun with this game during your rest time. 

How to control

Press “ARROW KEYS’ to move, jump and slide.


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