About X Parkour

X Parkour is an enjoyable adventure game where you have to control a stickman to overcome many obstacles on the road. Complete all levels with your skills.

Are you a big fan of action games, you should try X Parkour? This game has simple gameplay as Stickman Boost. However, X Parkour will have fewer obstacles and traps. You will be accompanied by a stickman. Explore the maze together with hundreds of dangers. Help your character avoid those traps.

Do anything to get to the destination and stay away from sharp cogs or dangerous jigsaws. With hundreds of traps set out with different mechanics, X Parkour will challenge any player. Only players with good control and estimation can pass the 20 levels in the game. Are you one of them?

How to overcome obstacles in X Parkour

Control your character to jump, slide, and fly over obstacles on the road. The main target is to reach the finish line. When you go to the destination, you pass the level. Press the right and left arrows to move forward and backwards. If the obstacles or your destinations are too high, double the up arrow to jump higher. Use the up key to jump over the traps and the down key to squat. Try to turn on the checkpoint to restart at that place when your character dies.

Come to the game, you can experience many hard levels with tons of obstacles and deadly traps. Try your best to reach the destination as fast as possible because the finish time directly affects the medal you get. When running, don’t forget to collect all the yellow cubes on your way. Be careful, when you die too many times, you must restart at the first starting points instead of checkpoints. Are you ready for a dangerous adventure? 

Something you may not know about X Parkour

  • There are 20 levels in this game. The difficulty of the game will increase gradually with each level. Starting from easy levels will help you improve your skills. Remember that you have to pass the previous levels to unlock the next levels.
  • Your mission is not only to go to the finish line, but you also have to collect the yellow cubes along the way. 
  • Time affects directly the medal you get after completing a level. The faster you complete the level the more chances you have to get the gold medal.
  • Estimate the distance between your character and obstacles, and the traps’ mechanics to make suitable jumps. If no, you can get the game 
  • The game is designed with simple graphics. However, each trap and obstacle in this game is created very complicatedly. 
  • In this game, you can turn on or off the sound effect and background music. 


How many levels are there in X Parkour?

There are 20 levels for you to challenge. 

Can I play X Parkour on my tablet?

Yes, you can play the game on your tablet.

How to control

Use arrow keys to control the character

How to play

  • Use arrow keys to control the character


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