About Vex 4

Following the success of the Vex series. Vex 4 was born and also received a lot of attention from players. Like Vex 3, you will control the stickman character to overcome all difficulties along the way. Complete the challenges to find the exit. Don’t hesitate! Play this game and challenge yourself with 10 challenging levels in this game. Can you finish all challenges of this game and unlock all trophies?

The objective of Vex 4 game

Your objective is to reach the finish platform in the shortest time to get a Gold rank. This game features a variety of dangerous obstacles and traps such as spikes, moving buzzsaws, crumbling blocks, helicopters, spinning spiked fans, and so on along the way. You can jump, run, slide down, swim, fly and flip to avoid them. If you find any checkpoints on the way, touch them and then they will turn green and save your progress. If you unexpectedly die, you will return to the previous checkpoint you just checked.

Along your way, you may see some colourful blocks. They will have some unique features. For example, the purple blocks are very weak. It can be broken with one touch. Or yellow blocks are springs and you can jump higher with them. Remember the advantage of each blocks to ultilise them. Vex 4 allow you play the game many times until you pass an act. Therefore, you can memorize traps and figure out how to solve problems from previous deaths. Moreover, you can experience Stickman Boost which has same gameplay with Vex 4. 

Release Date and Developer of Vex 4

This game is developed by Amazing Adam and it is released on October 2018. 

Achievements in Vex 4 

You need to gain five trophies, including standard acts, hardcore, awesome stuff and completion. You can follow your process by looking at the percentage numbers. 

  • In standard acts, you will complete all 10 acts in any rank. 
  • In hardcore trophies, you need complete challenge mode for all 10 acts. 
  • You will get an awesome stuff trophy if you finish all the following missions. They are completing any act with perfect ranking, getting crushed by a pushable block, surface from swimming with one bubble left, getting over 100 total deaths and playing Vex 4 for over one hour. 
  • In the completion trophy, you also complete some missions such as achieving gold or better on every act, collecting every star in this game, etc. This is the most difficult trophy to get. Hope you can get it. 


Is there Vex 5 on this web? 

Yes, Vex 5 is available on our web.

Has Vex 6 been released yet?

Yes, it is available on our web too.

Is Vex 4 unblocked?

Yes, you can play the game everytime you want.

How to save the process in Vex 4?

Your game data will be automatically saved on the browser cache. So, you need to consider before clearing the cache.

How many acts are there in this game?

9 Acts and 1 Vexation

How to control

Press “ARROW KEYS” or “WASD” keys to run, slide down and jump


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