About Stickman Warriors

Stickman Warriors is an entertaining action game where you must kill all your enemies. You can use all your body to attack, and remember to avoid the hit.

Welcome to stickman world. A big trophy will be given to the best stickman. Do anyway to get the victory in battles and become the most powerful stickman in this world. You will fight with all your body without special skills or protection. Do you think Stickman Warrior is too easy for you, let’s play Stickman Boost? There are no opponents in that game, but tons of deadly traps will test your skills. 

Fight and fight until you lay down! Do you want to be a brave warrior? Are you ready to participate in many thrilling battles in the Stickman Warriors game? Select mode and fight now! 

Explore Stickman Warriors game mode

There are two modes, including select story and endless play mode. In select story mode, you can unlock many new stories with coins. Background, weapons, and characters are different in the stories. Each story has many levels, and your primary mission is to control your character to kill enemies. In each story, besides the main mission, there are some sub-tasks such as don't use any booster, and more than 30% health left. You must pass the previous levels to unlock the following levels while you can have infinite combat in endless play mode. Apply your skills to kill as many enemies as possible to make a record. However, the game will be over if your character is destroyed. 

Things make Stickman Warriors impressive

  • You will have an opportunity to joy many serious battles. It also helps you show your great skills. 
  • The game is more challenging when you have to use coins to unlock stories and buy upgrades
  • In order not to get bored, the game has provided two modes: select story and endless mode. 
  • Simple graphics and gameplay, but it is hard to conquer all modes.  

Defeat all opponents in Stickman Warriors

In this game, the final target is to destroy all other stickmen. Use a mouse to move your stickmen and attack others. You can hit anywhere on the opponent’s body to damage them. One tip is to kick on their head to kill them quickly. Beware of the enemy's attack back. Let’s move your character continuously to avoid opponents' damage and attack them back. When one enemy lays down, you can get some coins. Then, use them to upgrade your character powers. One note for you, the corners are the best place to protect your head. Furthermore, always keep the initiative to attack so that the enemy does not have time to prepare.

Buy boosters in the shop

When you collect enough coins, you can come to the shop to buy some boosters. There are three available boosters. They are to restore 100% health (cost 500 coins), X2 strength stickman (cost 500 coins) and kill all enemies ( cost 1000 coins). You can buy them to reserve.

How to control

Use arrow keys to move and attack


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