About Stickman Planks Fall

Stickman Planks Fall is a great entertaining and challenging game in which players participate in a running competition and try their best to be the champion. 

In this game, there are up to 16 players from all over the world who will compete together. The objective of this game is to be the first stickman to go to the finishing line of the curving road. The running road is very small, so it is extremely easy to lose because your stickman character can fall down the air at any time. Therefore, you need to be cautious in controlling your stickman. 

Besides, you can see a lot of planks which are on the road. Collect as many as possible because you can use them to build bridges as shortcut roads to reach the destination faster. However, be careful if you don't carefully calculate, you'll fall since you don't have enough planks to construct a bridge for yourself. Create a clever plan of action to be the final player standing. If you are the only player left in the game or be the first one reaching the end of the running road, it means you win. The gold coins will then be yours. More clothing, including shirts and hats, can be purchased with your coins. 

Many stickman characters with different colors are available for you to choose such as red, blue, pink, green, back, and brown stickman. Many levels with increasingly challenging levels, attractive graphics as well as interesting sound will give you a great time. 

How to control

Use the computer mouse or WASD to navigate your stickman character.


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