About Stickman Archero Fight

Stickman Archero Fight is an interesting fighting game in the kind of action and adventure games.  In this game, you will have battles with enemies to become the best stickman in your village. 

Fight for first place in Stickman Archero Fight

You are a citizen of a stickman town. Your town holds a serious battle where to show your ability. You are a thin stickman, but you are very powerful. Utilize all objects on the road t defeat enemies in Stickman Archero Fight. You must remember that many opponents are waiting for you along the way. You not only use your fighting ability, but you also have to have smart strategies. Because the enemy is many and you are alone. Only the strong fighter can survive. Can you be the best fighter? There is another battle on our web. However, it is a competition of archery in Stickman Archer Warrior.

How to defeat all opponents in Stickman Archero Fight

Are you the strongest person in your place? Maybe you are not, but in Stickman Archero Fight, you are completely likely to become the strongest one. You with your skilful fingers and strategies will transform into a stickman and try to defeat all enemies to be the best one in all aspects such as strategy and martial arts. You should beat the enemies that attack you from afar. That will help you reduce the damage you take. Then, kill the enemies close to you. This is the smartest strategy for you. 

You own an incredible ability with powerful attacks. Besides unleashing amazing attacks, you can take useful maximum around-advantages like a sword, a box, etc to oppose to magic attacks of your enemies. All objects around you can be your effective weapons. Of course, you need to pick up them before using them. The attacks with weapons will deal more damage. There are blood bars on the top of the stickmen to help you know more about the situation of your opponents. Are you ready to become the strongest person? Good luck.

Some useful information about Stickman Archero Fight

Now, let's explore what we have on the main menu. Unlike Stickman Boost, this game has many features on the main menu. 

  • In the store, you can use gems to buy many chests of coins. Of course, these gems aren't easy to get. You have to collect them one by one through the level. 
  • Moreover, you can buy many clothes and weapons for your stickman with coins. Here, you also can buy upgrades for your equipment. 
  • Besides upgrading your weapons, you can also power up your character's talents. talents give you permanent advantages! Random talent is chosen upon upgrade, and subsequent upgrade costs more. 


How many levels are there in Stickman Archero Fight?

There are a total of 100 levels in this game.

Can I play Stickman Archero Fight on my smartphone?

Yes. This game is playable on the web browser (desktop and mobile).

How to control

  • A / left arrow key = to move left
  • D / right arrow key = to move right
  • W / Up Arrow = to jump
  • E = to interact with items
  • Tap or use the mouse to hit.


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