About Stickman Archer Warrior

When coming to the game, you will enjoy an exciting journey to the top of a high tower. On the way, you have to face many powerful enemies. Like the Stickman Boost game, this game offers many challenging levels for you to play. You have to show your shooting skills and defeat all enemies on your way.

Do you know the famous manga series Dragon Ball with the main character Songoku? Now, Songoku has come to Stickman Archer Warrior. He will join a new journey and possess the ability to shoot super cool arrows. Here, your enemies will be the remaining characters of the other comic series. However, if you still want to play the stickman game without archery, you can try Stickman Warrior.

Developer and Platform

Stickman Archer Warrior is developed by Hihoy. Stickman Archer Warrior is playable on web browsers (desktop and smartphone). 

What can you find in the shop of the Stickman Archer Warrior game

There are a total of 22 unique archeries in the shop. Each archery will conclude with three features which are attack, defence and HP points. The attack is the damage stat that the bow and arrow can deal to the enemy. Defence is the resistance of the bow and arrow. Finally, HP points are the health of the bow and arrow. The more expensive archery, the more powerful it is. Moreover, you can upgrade your archery with coins. Therefore, let’s buy the most powerful archery and level it up. 

The characters and buy upgrades in Stickman Archer Warrior

You can find three characters. However, there is only one available character and two other characters need to be unlocked. Each character also has three features: attack, defence and health points. You can increase these stats by upgrading your character with coins.

Achievements in Stickman Archer Warrior

You will complete 5 missions in this game to earn coins. 

  • Mission 1: Earn coins
  • Mission 2: Kill enemy
  • Mission 3: Kill boss
  • Mission 4: Watch video

Stickman Archer Warrior gameplay

You will face thousands of enemies and shoot them to reach the top of the tower. Swipe the mouse to adjust the angle and strength. You need to calculate the strength and direction before shooting. Moreover, you need to do all steps as fast as possible because the enemies also attack you. Don't forget four special skills which are very powerful. Let's use these skills to clean all the opponents threatening your character's life. However, you need to spend 100 coins to use these special abilities, so utilise them suitably. Remember that headshots cause more damage to your opponents. Try your best to make as many headshots as possible. Moreover, there are some obstacles between you and your enemies on some levels. Take a suitable chance when the obstacles move and shoot enemies. If one enemy falls, you get some coins.

Tips and tricks of Stickman Archer Warrior

  • Shooting at the enemies' heads will kill them immediately. 
  • When you kill enemies, you get some coins. You can utilise them to use the special skills. 
  • Utilise the line that appears when preparing to shoot to estimate the distance between your character and the enemy. 

How to control

Use the mouse to play


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