About Slope Ball

Slope Ball has become an extremely popular game and no stranger to many players. The game requires you to complete the journey and avoid obstacles.

Your task is to control the cute ball over the obstacles on the way and to the finish line. The road is flat, but there are many obstacles. They are scattered everywhere and form a big challenge that you have to overcome. Barriers always know how to make you lose your life because if you ignore the distance to overcome the first obstacle, you will accidentally crash into the obstacle behind you or not be able to dodge them in time. Therefore, you must have your strategy to jump from them.

The game modes of Slope Ball

Let's set the best game state to play. You can choose one of two game modes: Practice or Normal. Besides these two available game modes, you can also set the game's difficulty level. Difficulty levels include Easy, Normal, Hard, Harder, and Insane. Let's start with the Easy level and the Normal game mode because they suit new players. Once mastered, you can choose the difficulty level and the appropriate practice mode. Good luck.

Graphics and sounds

Bright graphics create a pleasant feeling for players. Primarily, it will be very suitable for young people who love dynamism. The track changes color continuously, making the game not boring. There are also many maps with different terrains and backgrounds.

Lively, playful sound. It will captivate you with these wonderful sounds, and you will always feel comfortable.

How to play

Click the left mouse to play.


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