About Run 3

Run 3 is an interesting running game in which guiding an adorable alien runs through a dangerous tube to explore the enormous galaxy is your goal.

Selecting your character is the first step to play the game. The alien character comes in a variety of colors, and you are free to select the one you prefer. After that, you choose one of three alternative game modes of adventure, online, and infinite modes that appear on the screen to play. If not, you can press "play" to begin playing as normal.

You play an alien that must traverse the platforms quickly while avoiding hazards and exploring the cosmos. Throughout your run, there are many densely gray zones. The fact that these gray platforms will shatter the moment you touch them as a result they are extremely hazardous. You must run quickly, jump over those areas, or otherwise avoid them. You will lose if you fall down the air. This game has numerous levels, each of which must be unlocked individually. Naturally, as the obstacles appear more and more and the running pace increases, the stages will become more and more challenging. 

A cup icon will appear on the left corner of the screen. Click it to view the top players' scores and see your position. If your starting point is quite low, don't be discouraged; success always comes to those who persist. To achieve your own milestone on the leaderboard, put in a lot of practice.


Your alien character can move by using the arrow keys.


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