About Riot Escape

Riot Escape is a funny action and running game that belongs to arcade games. In this game, you as a stickman have to run to a safe destination to escape from the police or police who capture others. 

How to play Riot Escape

As an escapee

On the one hand, if you are an escapee, your duty is to try your best and find ways to run away from the police. The final aim is to direct to reach the end of the map without being stopped by the police and this also means that you win the level. In contrast, if you are stopped by the police, you lose. In order to complete your goal, you must run fastly, climb up buildings and avoid traps to outsmart law enforcement. You can also take advantage of the terrain to hide and find the right time to reach the finish line. 

As the policy

On the other hand, if you are the police, swinging the stick to stop the rioters and preventing them from escaping is your duty. There are a large number of rioters there, so you need to be quick to defeat them. If the number of escaping stickmen is large, you lose and must start again. 

Unleash your temporary upgrades

You can select one of two momentary enhancements at the start of each game. These can include increased speed, obtaining a quad bike, flying, and growing very large! Keep a look out for these really potent improvements.

Features of Riot Escape

  • you can play this game on the Web browser, android, or iOS.
  • 3D graphics and vibrant sound effects
  • Simple to control


Use the WASD or arrow keys to play.


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