About Ninja Legend

Ninja Legend is an attractive game where you have to fight all enemies on the road. When you kill enemies, some useful items will be dropped from them.

Welcome to the stickman continent! The world here is full of challenges and unknowns, let's explore together!

Fight for the best ninja in Ninja Legend

Do you know about ninjas? Now, they don’t appear in real life. However, they come in Ninja Legend. This is a super product which has impressive graphics and attractive music. In this game, you are a skilful ninja and you want to prove your skills. You always have a desire to be stronger and stronger. That is the reason why you are on an adventure to find out the skill books. The more books you have, the more powerful you are. However, to get these books, you have to face thousands of enemies.  Come to the game, you will be a powerful ninja who has to defeat all enemies to be stronger. If you want to be a strong warrior instead of a ninja, Stickman Archer Warrior is for you. 

Use skills to beat all opponents in Ninja Legend

In this game, you will own many special abilities. Before entering the battles, you can use manual click or automatic click to attack opponents. You have to adjust the angle and strength to attack enemies when you select manual click. On the contrary, your character will automatically attack enemies. You need to combine offence and defence. When the enemy attacks the protagonist, click the shield button to trigger the perfect block. Try your best to kill all enemies before they attack you or come close to you. Besides, you also own a special skill which is dragon shadow. You will summon a meteor shower with huge damage. It will take a lot of time to reuse that skill. Therefore, you should use it when facing powerful bosses. 

What you have after the victory in Ninja Legend

You can get some skilful books, diamonds, coins, etc from the killed enemies. Then you can use them to upgrade your skills and your equipment. Moreover, you will get a chance to choose one of the three skills after passing a level such as a catapult, ice penalty, splitting blade, etc. That is the reason why you are more and more powerful after each level. 

What things on the home page of Ninja Legend game

  • Treasure Pavilion: The three treasure chests have free time every day, let's click on the first treasure chest to have a look.
  • Moreover, you can choose your role. You can be a red ninja with a sharp lance or be a pink ninja with a big sword. Each character has different skills and features. 
  • Furthermore, you can select 5 stages. You may find many interesting things in each stage. 
  • Unlock talents when your character level reaches level 33

The game has many other features which you have to click on the game to explore. 

Welcome to the world of ninjas. Can you become the strongest ninja with unique skills? Many enemies are aiming at you, let’s take your weapons and kill all of them. The game is a good way to entertain in your free time. Besides this game, you also also can play Stickman Boost to clear your mind. 

Features of Ninja Legend

  • Many interesting features 
  • Level up
  • The music and sound effect is good
  • Attractive graphics
  • Fun and exciting game

How to control

Slide up and down to adjust the angle, loosen to attack


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