About Mope.io

Mope.io is one of the most interesting IO and survival animal games recently. In this game, you choose your animal, try to survive, and evolve. 

Mope.io is a world of nature without human-hand. The law of this world is the law of strong. The strong will dominate the jungle. At the beginning of this game, you will choose one among many kinds of animals such as shrimp, a mouse, a gentle bird, or a squirrel by yourself. After that, try your best to survive, grow, and upgrade your animal to become more and more powerful. As a small character, you have to be cautious while finding food because there are pitfalls and dangers everywhere. The dangers are not only from poison, or a hole, but it is also from other players because they can be like the big fish eating the little fish. However, you can band together with other lesser players to attack the giant bullies' tails with swipes and bites. 

The game Mope.io provides an immediate and straightforward user interface that enables new players to get in and have fun right away. It also has deeper mechanics that reward seasoned players who have played the game for a while and gained a greater knowledge of it. 

How to play

  • To move your animal in the desired direction, use your mouse.
  • To rush, press the left mouse. 



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