About Massive Multiplayers Platformer

Massive Multiplayers Platformer is one of the most well-known multiplayer speedrun games in recent years. In this game, your goal is to complete the speed run and come back to the start position to mark your time.

Welcome to Massive Multiplayer Platformer!  

Playing as a stickman, and controlling it to run through harsh terrains is the basic task that you have to do in this game. After you overcome all the difficulties on those harsh terrains and reach the finishing line, you have to go through the door to return to the starting point and receive a parachute as a reward. As a result, you can record the amount of time you play and complete the game.

On the top of the screen, there are a time recorder, a bar showing the number of players taking this game, and a note for the shortest amount of time a player completes the game. You can compare your own time with the top to get an estimate of your skills. From there, you can set goals, practice, and compete to become the leader.

How to play

  • WASD or arrow keys = move
  • Z = crouch
  • Space = jump / use parachute
  • N = show all players names
  • Hold E or R = open Emoji panels
  • Mouseover a player = see their individual name
  • Q + R = reset level for speed runs

Additional Controls

  • Hold down then up = high jump
  • Run then quickly press down, then up = long jump
  • On a slope press down and left or right = slide
  • Jump against a wall, then press up again = wall jump


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