About Join Clash Epic Battle

Join Clash Epic Battle is one of the most fun 3D arcade games. In this game, you'll try to increase the number of your stickmen and enemy elimination.

No matter who you are? what is your age, gender, or personality? Join Clash Epic Battle is a fantastic game for everyone to get a great time. This game combines arcade, shooting, and running elements. You will have to control a stickman during the game in order to dodge obstacles and gain more allies. There are various colored stickmen and colored lines. The game's rules are fairly straightforward. You must cross the color line and gather teammates that have the same color as the line. You will lose a specific number of stick people if you run into other sticks of different colors or if you are struck by obstacles. Remember that the color lines change frequently, so you need to have good concentration. 

You will encounter the true foe after gathering the stickman and sprinting to the end of the path. With your army, destroy every adversary and regain the stronghold. As a result, you are the winner. 

There are 20 stages altogether. When you complete a level, you can advance to the next level. It means that you have to encounter inevitably harder than the previous one. Have a good time.

Features of Join Clash Epic Battle:

  • Stickman 3D graphics
  • Vibrant sound effects
  • Many levels with increasing difficulty
  • Single-player

How to play

Drag the computer mouse to play


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