About Javelin Fighting

Javelin Fighting is a fun and interesting 1-on-1 stickman fighting game recently. In this game, you take in a battle with another player by using javelin throwing skills.

Stickman world is crazy to find the person who has the best javelin throwing skills. All the stickman resident has a chance to take part. As an aggressive resident, you want to participate in this one-on-one battle to show your strength. 

When entering the game, you will stand on the top of a pedestal and your opponent is on a pedestal at the opposite end of the playing field. Throwing your javelins in the direction of your opponent to damage him until you completely eliminate him. Each player has a health bar that allows you to know about the health status of you and your opponent. Shots in the head do more damage! You can only suffer a few shots, therefore try to shoot quickly and aim quickly with your javelin.


Javelin Fighting is developed by Alexandr Lushpigan and is released in April 2017. Players can play on Web Browsers and Android platforms. 

How to control

Use the left mouse button to aim and adjust power, and release to shoot.


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