About Infiltrating the Airship

Infiltrating the Airship is an interesting game belonging to Puffballs United's string of popular games. In this game, you help stickman Ralph to capture the villainous Henry by choosing the choices.  

A dangerous villain named Henry is wandering in society for a long. Now, people know his exact location is on an airship. The representative for justice named Ralph was ordered to arrest this villain. However, Henry is very clever, and catching him is extremely difficult. Therefore, you will help Ralph choosing to choose the correct course of action to ensure he succeeds. 

At every stage of the game, you are given a number of options to choose from that is the next step stickman moves through the plot. Which way will you choose: sneak in safely or rush in directly? Each option can be a failure step or be successful to advance the player to the next stage. However, it has a high level of humor and amusing cut scenes. Do not fear if you select the incorrect option because you can restart any level or the entire game.

Features of Infiltrating the Airship: 

  • Emotional character
  • Humor and wit game 
  • Multiple outcomes and resolutions

How to play

Use the computer game to choose your choices.


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