About Gunfight.io

Gunfight.io is one of the most interesting shooting games in which you have to participate in a fight-gun to fight against the enemy. 

In this game, you as a counter-terrorist or as a terrorist will have a dead or alive fight with the aim of killing your opponent. In order to win, you and your team members have to need proficient skills in shooting such as moving, aiming, and reflexing and strategies because your opponent is other real players like you, not a computer. It means that they have their own strategies against you. 

On the one hand,  to avoid being shot at by the foe, crouch behind objects. In certain maps, you are likely to pick up a rocket and utilize it to deal high damage. On the other hand, when you shoot your enemies, you must stand up and your body will be exposed. it means that it is very easy to get vulnerable to an attack. Therefore, you really need to be cautious in each step. 

Features of Gunfight.io

  • Easy to control
  • Multi-players
  • Vibrant sound effects

How to play 

  • A / left arrow key = to move left 
  • D / right arrow key = to move right
  • W/ up arrow key = to stand up
  • S/ down arrow key = to take cover
  • Click the right mouse button to aim
  • Click the left mouse button to shoot


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