About Four In A Row

A fun cooperative puzzle game called Four In A Row in which you and another player are against one another to see who can create the first 4-disc line first.

One may consider Four In A Row to be a more advanced version of the classic game of Tic Tac Toe. You must first select a disc in your preferred color. Following that, you are able to select from one of three modes of play. You can choose to battle against friends in "2-player" mode or choose to be paired randomly with any participant.  "Play with the computer" mode gives you to experiment with artificial intelligence. Additionally, as I already explained, the objective of this game is for players to take turns dropping colorful discs in order to form a line of four discs. The winner is the person who creates it first. When it is their turn, each player will have 30 seconds to consider before dropping their disc. If you are unable to decide within 30 seconds, your turn will be given to your opponent.

An excellent strategy for winning is to closely observe your opponent's moves and estimate their likely next move. Keep in mind that this 4-disc line might also be vertical, diagonal, or horizontal. 

How to play
Click the left mouse button to play


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