About Cookie Clicker City

Cookie Clicker City is a game about building a cookie city. In the game, to create that goal, you must have the patience to continuously click on a huge cookie.

You'll discover when you visit Cookie Clicker City that creating a city for yourself has never been so simple. However, the ease of this game needs persistence if you want to succeed. It's simple because all you have to do is continuously click on the enormous cookie that appears on your screen and then customize the city which you desire. When a task is so simple that many players find it dull, it is very important to have persistence. This thing is also considered as a challenge for you. Are you prepared to build your very own city?

Anyone, from the very young to the elderly, can play this game. It is useful for removing drab and unpleasant situations. This game is the best one ever made for training patience and endurance in people.

The game was created through a total of 5 distinct stages. You are allowed to erect up to 18 structures in your city. Additionally, you can complete about 600 upgrades and 700 milestones.

Some features of the game

  • House icon for buying the buildings.
  • Arrow icon for upgrading.
  • Cup icon for your achievements.
  • Wheel icon for seting up the game according to your wishes.


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