About Avoid Dying

Avoid Dying is a shooting game in which your mission is to aim and shoot the arrows to the target. Don’t hit the rope, which keeps the deadly trap.

If you want to experience a new kind of shooting game, Avoid Dying should be your choice. In the game, you won’t shoot opponents or monsters. Your mission is to hit the colourful targets to save your character from dying. The weapon is the classic bow instead of a modern gun. The marks will appear continuously when the arrows hit the previous spots. Beware of the movable targets. The deadly trap will fall on your character if you shoot any ropes. As a result, the game will be over. 

Before you hit the target, you should adjust the angle by dragging the mouse. You can utilise the direction of the arrow to aim at the target. You should estimate their movement and orientation to aim reasonably for the movable target. The game is endless so you can make a record with the highest target shots. 

The game with easy gameplay and simple graphics can help you have a relaxing time after a long day. So, why don’t you click on the game and show your shooting skills? 

Features of Avoid Dying

  • Easy gameplay and simple control
  • The endless game
  • Avoid the deadly trap falling to the character
  • Shoot the targets.

How to play

  • Press and drag the mouse to aim and release to shot


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