About Apple Worm

Apple Worm is an entertaining puzzle game. In the game, a player utilizes his smart to use navigate a worm to eat an apple and then reach the portal. 

Your objective in the Apple Worm game is to eat an apple to lengthen your physique. After that, move to the next level through a portal. The worm must be controlled using the arrow keys. To travel up and down, use the up and down arrow keys. To move right and left, press the right and left arrow keys. This worm has a wide range of moving ways. It is capable of moving while bent or supine. It cannot, however, move backward. Additionally, if you enter a space that is too small, the worm was unable to continue moving. Moreover,  you must be aware of the risks the worm may encounter. If you move it away from the map, it can tumble into space. Space fall results in death. You'll need to play that level again. 

Multiple levels with increasing difficulty are available in the game. The higher your level, the game gets harder due to the more intricate obstacles and terrain. You can acclimate yourself to the game's rules by starting at level 1 and level 2. However, the game's difficulty becomes apparent as you pass level 3. Many players have experienced difficulties from this level on. Do not worry if you fail in any step because you can replay it unlimited time. Have a good time!

Game control:

Use WASD keys or arrow keys.


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