About Adam And Eve Go

Adam And Eve Go is a fun adventure game where you will help Adam find food in the forest. Don't forget to collect all keys to unlock many doors and get back home.

Everyone is familiar with Adam and Eve characters. In this game, these main characters arrive on our web.  Adam has a long adventure while Eve will wait for him at home. Adam needs to over many challenges on many levels. Moreover, you have to face some opponets who prevent you from meeting Eve.  His target is to collect food and find a way to come back home. Let’s help him come back home now!

The rule and mission in Adam And Eve Go

If you are finding an adventure game for leisure time, you can’t ignore Adam And Eve Go. Your mission is to see all the keys to unlock gates and return home. Some keys will appear on the roads, but you have to take some keys from other characters. You need to change the things they need to get the keys. Of course, you will have other adventures to find them. There are many obstacles and deadly traps on the road. Your character can’t jump, so you should find safe roads to avoid them and utilise some support items. A character who can’t jump is boring to you, Stickman Boost will bring thrilling feeling with awesome jumps for you. 

Many levels and solve problems in Adam And Eve Go

The game offers many different levels which can challenge your limit. Each level has many various features and small missions. You even can see your missions or obstacles on the level icons. Of course, the higher level you are, the more challenges you have to face. However, your primary target is to back home with a lot of food. You can use some tips to clear the obstacles, like using a turtle to press switches to open the rock gate, etc. The characters and backgrounds of the game are inspired by primitive times when you could see even giant dinosaurs. How many levels can you get? Click on the game to have the answer. Hope you have a good time with this game. 

Some interesting things about Adam and Eve Go

  • As you can see, the game has very impressive graphics. Even the characters are very cute. Therefore, children also can play games with their families. 
  • The game will level up which can challenge your skills. You can easily pass the first levels, but it is difficult to get over the next levels. 
  • The sound effects link with character’s movement
  • You can choose to collect a red flower. That will make Eve be happy. However, the flower is not so necessary.
  • When playing the game, you will have a chance to explore the world in primitive times. It will be an interesting experience. If you want to discover a colourful world, you should give Light It Up Online a try. 

How to control: Use arrow keys to move forward and backwards.


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